About the project

Have you ever heard of Trakai? That little town not far from Vilnius. Perhaps you visited it on a school trip. Or maybe your friends held their wedding celebration here? Made a stop here on the way from Marijampolė to the capital and tasted kibinai (pastries with different fillings). If you are visiting Lithuania, maybe you have learned about the local Karaim people from a history textbook or saw the Island Castle on the internet.

 But did you know that this town, the surrounding areas and Vilnius region, which are rich in stories about grand dukes, also hide more than 40 secret places entwined in myths, whose existence you probably have never heard of?

The "Atrask. Pažink. Išsaugok" project ("Discover. Learn. Preserve") seeks to change that. We believe, all Lithuanian and foreign tourists, travelers, adventurers, history and myth fans alike should learn about the inexhaustible riches of Trakai and the cultural and natural heritage of the regions around Vilnius. This is the reason we created this website. Here you can:

  • Conveniently browse the most interesting points of interest in Trakai and Vilnius regions;
  • Choose from pre-planned routes or create your own;
  • Learn about the place before you visit;
  • Scroll through the gallery with its many video and audio recordings.

The material on the website is divided into four different categories: multiculturalism and pilgrimage, historical castles and hill forts, manors and parks, culinary and national heritage. This makes it easier to choose especially if you are not sure what to see but know the area of interest.

       We created the descriptions with the purpose of highlighting the objects within their historical context, events, personalities, architectural decisions and so forth and to provide all the valuable information related to them.

     We hope that by the time you finish this paragraph, you will be inspired to get to know even more about Lithuania. The time has come to find a companion and pack your bags. There is a long road to travel and much to see!

      The project is being implemented by Trakai regional municipality and its partners: Vilnius regional municipality, Trakai tourist center and Trakai historical museum.

      The project is being implemented in accordance with the 2014-202 European Union funds Investment programme priorities section's no. 5: ‘The environment, sustainable management of natural resources and adaptation to climate change’ instrument no. 05.4.1-LVPA-K-8o8 ‘E. marketing for priority regional tourism development’.